urine output

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Intake and OutputKey Points:• Normal urine output for pediatric patient is at least 1mL/kg/hr.• If the child has diarrhea stool or vomits, stools and emesis must be replaced mL/mL or ½ mL/mL, follow MD’s orders.• Calculations for Maintenance FluidNewborn: up to 72 hrs after birth60-100mL/kg/dayUp to 10Kg100mL/kg/day11-20kg1000mL+50mL/kg/day21-30kg1500mL+25mL/kg/dayFor example:  15kg baby should receive 1250mL/day(1000mL+250=1250mL/day) • Use non-sucking or dominant hand.• Do not have an ID band on the IV hand. If the IV infiltrates the ID band may cut the circulation to the arm and hand.• Burretrols must be used when delivering IV fluids.• Do not fill the microdrip chamber with more than 2 hours worth of IV fluids.• Check the IV site every 1 – 2 hours.• Turn the control IV pump away from the child; children sometimes play with the dials.• If you suspect IV infiltration, assess for redness, edema, coolness, slow infusion. If the blood does not flow back it does not mean the IV is infiltrated. Sometimes the vein’s pressure is less then the IV fluid’s pressure

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