,Tips for eating well during the holidays

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  • Tips for eating well during the holidays Holidays are a time to enjoy food with family and friends. This holiday, choose foods that are kidney-friendly and be mindful of your serving size.
  • Choose a smaller plate to help control serving sizes.
  • Sip your drink slowly to help manage fluids.
  • Limit your salt and salty food.
  • Remember to take your phosphorus binders with your meal. They play an important role to keep your levels balanced.
  • Choose protein first! Aim for 3–5 ounces of turkey, chicken, fish or another food high in protein.
  • your meal with a great dessert choice including apple, cherry, peach pie or cobbler.
  • Pound cake and sugar cookies are also delicious selections.
  • Want more of your holiday favorites? Wait 10 minutes and if you are still hungry, go back for more protein.
  • Offer to bring a dish to share that will be healthy for you, and great for everyone.
  • Cook your holiday foods from scratch to decrease the sodium content often found in pre-made foods.


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