Coronavirus Update: What’s Happening with the COVID-19 2020 Outbreak Is it spreading from dead bodies? Why scientists releasing contradicting information every day?

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Scientists advised President Trump we need to do more testing before opening the country, we cannot just open up everything, that will put us in more dangerous conditions.

According to CDC.COM, USA is one among the top in list who is having COVID -19. local leaders are recommending more testing before opening up or easing social distancing guidelines.

At the briefing, Trump said he plans to speak to governors on Thursday “and we will have some information on some openings. I would say we have 20 states, but probably 29, that are in really good shape. We miss sports, we miss everything. We want to get our country open again. “

Deborah Birx, MD, the coronavirus task force response coordinator, said social distancing has to continue despite some progress in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Birx said they will look at states and metropolitan areas individually as they come up with the new guidelines, which are expected to be announced Thursday.

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